Bedrooms are the one place in the house that should be as calm as possible, with little or no electrical appliances. This ensures us a good and sound sleep. Various furniture and floor coverings contain harmful coatings that pollute the air, both in the bedroom and in other rooms. Room plants can help purify the air. Studies recommend at least one room plant per person in the house.

The 7 ideal plants for your bedroom are described below.

Spathiphyllum or Peace lily

They are one of the most popular plants for the bedroom for a reason, as they are quite easy to grow. They thrive in rooms with a lot of light, as well as in slightly darker rooms. The roots can adapt to moisture, if they are ever over-watered, the roots do not begin to rot, but we have to water them when the top layer of soil dries.

Spathiphyllum or Peace lily


Aloe vera needs a bright spot in the bedroom. The plant is also suitable for those who often forget to water plants, as it can last up to a few weeks without water. Its leaves contain a gel that has healing properties and has several positive effects.

Aloe Vera


It produces long, thin white-green leaves. We recommend it to anyone who has problems with various allergies, as it absorbs dust and at the same time eliminates from the air other harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, benzene,… Water it moderately, but not too much and put it in a slightly brighter place in the bedroom.

Spider plant


It is one of the most popular plants for indoor cultivation. Its homeland are tropical forests from South America and Mexico. There are over 400 different types and sub-types of philodendron. Place the philodendron in your bedroom and create a tropical atmosphere.


Fiddle-leaf fig

It has very large leaves that need a little more light, water and a favourable temperature. We can grow it from cuttings, but it originates from a tropical climate, and it likes the warm air. Fiddle-leaf fig grows very high, but it is controlled by pruning.

Fiddle-leaf fig


It is perennial and has woody stems. It grows in height and can reach up to 40m. It thrives in slightly brighter rooms and is ideal for purifying the air in the rooms. Bamboo thrives in slightly acidic soil, but it can be used for many things precisely because of its woody stem.




It is not very demanding to cultivate, as it grows even if you forget to water it. It does not need direct sunlight and can also be placed in a corner of the room for decoration. It will also purify your air as it absorbs benzene, formaldehyde, and ammonia. Cut its leaves from time to time.

Lady palm


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